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Pietra Suppliers FAQ
Pietra Suppliers FAQ
26 articles
Popular Questions | What is Pietra?
Popular Questions |Who are Pietra's Creators?
Popular Questions | Which Creator brands have been launched on Pietra?
Popular Questions | How does Pietra acquire Creators?
Popular Questions | Can I set my own MOQs and prices?
Popular Questions | How do I charge Creators?
Popular Questions | How much does it cost to work with Pietra?
Popular Questions | What does the Creator Hub look like?
Popular Questions | Can I pay to up-rank my profile or catalog items on Pietra?
General Questions | Where is Pietra based?
General Questions | Where is Pietra's warehouse located?
General Questions | How do I get started as a Supplier?
General Questions | How do I get my account approved and activated as a Supplier?
General Questions | What happens once my account is activated?
General Questions | Who can Suppliers contact if they need help or have questions?
Processes & Policies | Can I be selective when choosing which Creators I want to work with?
Processes & Policies | What are the communication expectations for suppliers?
Processes & Policies | Can Suppliers work with Creators off-platform?
Processes & Policies | What happens if a Creator asks for my email or contacts my business directly?
Processes & Polices | How do I invoice Creators?
Processes & Policies | How do Suppliers get paid?
Processes & Policies | What are the payment terms between Creators and Suppliers?
Processes & Policies | Receiving Guidelines for Pietra Suppliers
Processes & Policies | How does shipping reimbursement work for international suppliers? (Non-China)
Processes & Policies | Can I refer other clients of mine to Pietra who need order fulfillment services?
General Questions | What does it mean when a Pietra supplier/manufacturer is "Verified"?