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When will I be charged for the shipping of my inventory?
If my customers place orders for items that are out of stock, will Pietra still ship my order?
I know about Pietra's pricing for fulfillment services. What if I need another warehouse project completed that is not on Pietra's list of offered services?
How will I be charged for the fulfillment services I use with Pietra?
I/my customer has just placed an order, but need to cancel. What do I do?
Do I have to ship my product from Pietra's fulfillment center?
How does Pietra verify their partnered manufacturers/suppliers?
I'm using Pietra's 3PL and have an issue with a customer order, what do I do?
What is the cost of duties and tariffs for my inventory order(s)?
Am I responsible for duties and tariffs incurred when my inventory arrives?
What does it mean if I'm notified my customer order is 'On Hold?'
When will I be charged for my inventory?
Does Pietra accommodate drop shipping?
Does Pietra ship internationally?
What is Pietra's return/exchange policy?
How are my customer orders fulfilled?
How are my products warehoused?
How are my products assembled?
Can I use Pietra for warehousing & fulfillment if I did not create my product on Pietra?
Do I need to do anything after my website is connected to Pietra's Fulfillment Center?
How does Pietra handle shipments to my customers that get lost in transit?
What are some best practices for submitting Warehouse Tickets to Pietra's Fulfillment Team?
How do I generate orders to be fulfilled by Pietra's warehouse? What do the order statuses mean?
Creating Orders for PR, Gifting, and one-off orders via the Pietra Platform
Shipping items to Pietra's Fulfillment Center
Using Pietra Fulfillment And Why It's a Good Idea
What is Pietra's standard unbranded packaging?
When do I file warehouse tickets? How long does it take for me to get a response?
What is Pietra's offboarding process? How can I remove my products from your warehouse?
What shipping carriers does Pietra work with? What are their SLAs?
What should I do if my customer's order arrives damaged, incorrect, or was shipped to the wrong address? Who is responsible?
Does Pietra Fulfillment have an expedited shipping option? What are the details?
Can I sell products offline and still have Pietra send them to my customers?
Can you store CBD products in Pietra's warehouse?
Are there any minimums required to use Pietra's warehouse?
What is the process to send Pietra my inventory that I already have on-hand?
How does a 3PL work? What are some of the differences between a 3PL and dropshipping?
I have shipped inventory to Pietra's warehouse. What can I expect to happen next?
What are the next steps to complete the set up process once my inventory arrives at Pietra's fulfillment center?
What are the receiving guidelines and protocols for Pietra's fulfillment center?
What are Pietra’s shipping guidelines? Why do these need to be followed?
I am placing a production order and would like to explore using Pietra for fulfillment. What should I consider?
What are the Pietra's hours for accepting freight delivery?
Understanding Duties and Tariffs when Shipping Internationally
How do I upload manual orders on Pietra?
Are my items stored at Pietra's fulfillment center insured?
Can I process returns from my customers with Pietra?
What role does Pietra play if one of customer's packages is lost?
How can I get an On Hold order fulfilled?
What fees will I pay as a Pietra Fulfillment customer?
What is order kitting and when does it apply?